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Many banks today unfortunately will not accept or help companies that need to take and process customer credit cards for services such as tours, vacation packages, hotel and motel accommodations, airline tickets, tour operators, cruise ship lines, and more. This is due to the risk that is involved with processing travel industry related services. There are some cases were travel companies take large deposits upfront, but the customer decides not to go later and issues a chargeback. This is frequently a problem for hotels and motels also where a customer books a room or block of rooms but then later never shows up and disputes the charges on their credit card statements. Most agencies know however that having a secure credit card processing service is vital to their revenue and profits. Nearly all customers make travel arrangements online through a website or over the phone and use their credit or debit cards such as Visa MasterCard and AMEX. We help companies, small businesses, new businesses or established ones get set up to take credit cards from their clients. If you are a new business we can assist you. If you are established business we can compare rates and tried to beat and lower your fees and costs you spend each month on merchant processing. You can also set up a backup account in case your current bank the size they no longer want to process your type of industries. There are also issues with capped volume where your bank has placed a limit on how much risk they are willing to take.

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  • Vacation clubs membership deals
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  • Mobile and Virtual Terminals online services
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Credit card processing rates our first determined based on if you are taking credit cards in person getting a signature or a contract signed versus taking credit cards over the phone or through an Internet website. In the case of taking credit cards in person where you can verify the person's information these rates will be low even for travel industries. In most cases your rates will be lower than 2%. If you are an online business where you are taking credit cards through a payment gateway and don't verify the person's information these are called MOTO credit card transactions which stands for mail order telephone order merchant services. For these type of businesses where you are taking credit cards over the phone or through your website rates will usually range from 2 to 3% roughly. If you need an offshore solution however international merchant accounts their rates are higher we do have offshore solutions for travel businesses. To get started simply fill out this form or you can call us and a customer service representative can help get you started. We look forward to working with you!

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