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Internet dating, web cam sites,adult video stores and novelty shops, and other forms of online adult entertainment businesses all depend on the ability to accept credit card transaction.  In these industries, credit cards are used as a means of age verification as well as payment, so companies geared toward adults are doubly in need of merchant services.  However, finding a bank willing to work with your business and securing low rates for cc processing are two common challenges for business owners in the adult industry.  

Merchant services for online dating sites are apt to charge more in transaction fees than they would charge a traditional retailer or service provider.  Internet dating customers are apt to want privacy, and may dispute the dating site's charge on their credit card in an effort to conceal their activities.  Customers may also decide to dispute a charge if they are unhappy with the service they received in any way.  Both of these instances can lead to charge backs, which are financially damaging to the merchant service provider.  There is a much higher rate of chargebacks in the online dating and adult industry, forcing credit card processing agents to treat these companies as high risk merchants.  You can learn more about processing credit cards in a high risk business here.

Because adult entertainment businesses are subject to specialized laws governing the way they operate, banks and merchant service companies are sometimes hesitant to work with them in any capacity.  This can force pornography sites and others to use offshore credit card processors.  International merchant services are typically more lax than U.S.-based merchant accounts.  Unfortunately, the fewer restrictions of offshore accounts come along with more risks for the merchants themselves.  While American banks are protected by the FDIC, international banks are not.  Still, a business owner who has taken the time to research his or her credit card  processing options can safely make use of an over seas. merchant account

AdvantageProcessors.com is proud to work with merchants in all industries, including adult escort entertainment and online dating.  We can find the best rate merchant solution for your business whether you wind up processing your customers' credit cards at home or abroad.  Contact us today to learn more about our adult industry merchant accounts. 

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