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Do you own an internet marketing or SEO business or are you part of a web hosting and designing company? If yes, then your business needs a painless and secure method of receiving payment from your clients and setting up an option for credit card payments on the website. Trust our company and all your payment issues will be resolved with just a single click. We are specialized in providing merchant accounts to online and SEO business owners. We have the ideal tools and resources required to improve your system. We make use of state-of-the-art technology, and our smartphone apps make receiving payments easy and something that can be done with only a few taps and touches. These user-friendly apps can work well on both phones and tablets and enable the customer to make a signature on the screen and receive an emailed copy of the receipt. The virtual terminal allows the merchants to process payments with security and ease.

When you deal with our company, you will notice that it will not only broaden your horizons but also enable you to accept major credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. You will not need to rely on PayPal or any other third-party card processors. Unlike other companies, we do not take an application or startup fees, and our experienced and well-trained staff is always available and willing to assist you with your queries. You can sit back and enjoy the new virtual terminal without worrying about stressful and complicated billing cycles as we offer recurring billing. Our company has an objective to make your life easier, whether you are an internet marketing or web designing/hosting merchant. Your website will quickly receive payments via credit cards. We offer not only the best technology but also the best possible rates on the market. If you want to receive payments from your clients safely, efficiently and securely, our company is the best merchant account provider.

Online Internet Card Not Present Merchants

There is nothing extraordinary about the fact that most of the trading is taking place online these days. Along with purchasing products online, you can avail services as well such as counseling, tuition and a lot more. Since trading is done using the internet, businesses are required to get exposure so that they can build an audience to sell their services and products, and this is what online marketing and SEO is about. There are various types of merchant accounts for online marketing or SEO companies, and different accounts provide different features. For instance, online hosting services are part of ecommerce, but instead of selling products, they offer their services online and need to have features such as a shopping cart. This can be provided by a merchant account.

Denied by Other Credit Card Processors?

Is your request for a merchant account denied by the card processors or payment gateways? It is not very uncommon for high-risk businesses such as internet marketing companies to get their applications rejected. It is not your fault at all; you may be an honest and trustable merchant, but this industry's reputation that has built in the market has discouraged processors from trusting you and your business. Some less reputable SEO companies have failed to deliver services and have been involved in a fair amount of fraud and embezzlement. As a result, the whole internet marketing industry has to face challenges and rejections in obtaining reliable credit card processing services. In fact, the merchant accounts of those who manage to get one are shut down at the first sign of chargeback or due to recurring billing.

Nonetheless, our company is always there to help you. Whether you have a fully settled business or just recently started or want to set up a new internet marketing business, we are willing to fulfill all your needs in the best possible way. We offer specialized services that deal with high-risk businesses and provide them with merchant accounts and credit card processing services.

Domestic and Offshore Accounts

The industries of SEO services, internet marketing, and online hosting are quite busy these days as several new companies are starting up and entering the market. However, it is still a mostly unoccupied market and it is pretty easy to set up an online marketing business. The key to success is to provide good customer service and to use the appropriate skills and tools to get the best results for the clients. For providing the best results, you need to go for a merchant account that can make your transactions more efficient and simpler.

Merchant accounts for internet marketing can be opened in both offshore and domestic banks, and it is the company's choice when picking up credit card processing services. More often than not, domestic accounts are considered to be much more secure and are available at cheaper rates. However, for high-risk and international businesses, domestic accounts are not offered, so the firm involved in SEO and online marketing usually opt for offshore merchant accounts.

The reason why internet marketing and SEO is considered as high risk is that there is a lack of transparency and, as mentioned earlier, there are various companies that are fraudulent. It is a massively exploited market, and many scams have appeared that claim to provide SEO services to growing businesses and startups. Unfortunately, there are only a few merchant account providers that actually offer good services. Luckily, our company is one of them.

Our company provides offshore merchant accounts for international business owners because of our broad range of overseas banks. We have the finest accounts with the lowest rates. There are prompt deposit times with no processing limits. For your high-risk internet marketing business, you need a reliable and trustworthy offshore merchant account provider like our company. We enable merchants to accept debit card, credit cards, e-checks and any type of payment via overseas banks.

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