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In simple terms, a merchant account is a business bank account that firms can opt for to be able to receive and accept payments through multiple methods, including debit and credit cards. These merchant accounts and services happen to be a relatively new way of conducting business transactions owing to the recently rising popularity of ecommerce.

With each passing day, the world takes a step forward towards better innovation and greater technological progress. Most aspects of our lives, as of yet, have already been taken over by technology. Commerce is no exception. More and more people prefer to trade and conduct business online through the internet. This is because of the convenience and speed it provides along with the security it offers. What all of this means for various companies in different industries is that they need to keep up with the needs of the customers and revolutionize the way they conduct business i.e. move from the traditional methods to the modern path. Thus, one of the ways that firms, particularly newly established companies, are accommodating to the technologically-equipped era is by setting up merchant accounts.

Since it is not necessary for a bank to provide its clients with a merchant account, it becomes difficult for companies in a few industries to acquire merchant services. The trouble becomes double for firms which are just starting out in their field of operation. But perhaps the most difficulty in obtaining a merchant account is faced by businesses that are termed to be high risk such as telemarketing companies. The irony is that most such firms are the ones that are in dire need of these services.

If you are a telemarketing company, it is vital for you to have a merchant processor handle your transactions, most of which are conducted over the phone - via credit cards - in your call center. Since most banks will have your business type on their prohibited list, we are here to become your salvation! We offer a variety of services for both inbound and outbound telemarketing companies, including payment processing and gateway setups. We care for our clients because we understand how tough it is to find reliable merchant services. We want to make your work easier. Our array of services on offer, designed for your call center telemarketing operations, are mentioned below. Online merchants

It is common knowledge that telemarketing companies are risky to deal with, particularly for banks. Most often, such firms cannot secure good credit scores. It is because the industry faces chargeback issues and occasional disputes with customers. It translates into a struggle to retrieve payments immediately from customers, who may or may not pay, through various means. The uncertainty of payments is particularly high when it comes to an outbound telemarketing company, which adds to the risk associated with such call center corporations.

So then what is the solution? Should such companies give up on wanting growth and profits? Is expansion of the customer base and sales a far-fetched dream? No. A primary solution to the problem of a call-center based operation is a merchant account. Without it, it is likely that your customers will shift their business to rivals that have the right equipment in place. It is here that our business venture becomes useful to you. We enable you to obtain merchant accounts as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Not only that, but our rates are affordable and we will not make you wait long for approvals.

First of all, along with a merchant account, it is imperative to acquire a payment gateway. Why? Well, in a telemarketing business you cannot rely on receiving checks from clients because there is uncertainty involved in payments. A payment gateway would, therefore, prove to be useful since it will allow your business to accept payments on the spot made via other methods, such as credit cards. We'll set you up in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is link your business site to the gateway. Once we are connected server to server, you can begin accepting payments. A bonus is that through our services, your money receipts are bound to remain secure, which means you wouldn't have to worry about losing track of your revenue.

If you are an inbound telemarketing company or have a high volume call center, an even better solution that we offer for you is a virtual terminal. It will enable you to stay on top of all your transactions and allow your firm to accept payments made via telephone or mobile or in person.

Moreover, our services include the opportunity for you to possess a merchant account that suits your needs exactly. Therefore, we offer multi-currency accounts where payments in various currencies are accepted. We also provide multi-card solutions which will enable you to retrieve remittances sent via different cards such as Visa or MasterCard.

Furthermore, our company strives to put forth both domestic and offshore options for your telemarketing business. As is the case in general, our local options are offered at relatively cheaper rates and have more security associated with their usage. However, if you were to opt for an offshore account, you will receive more currency options, including Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, and Japanese yen. An offshore account would prove to be particularly useful when your operating unit is located away from your home country. Our assistance will be needed when you want to send back remittances to your headquarters. It is here that we will ensure that your account is easily linked to the acquiring bank, no matter where it is located.

Rest assured that our company would be with you every step of the way. We possess quite the experience when it comes to dealing with telemarketing companies. Along with offering the best rates, some of our best employees will be at your disposal to assist you in every way. Therefore, if you choose to acquire our merchant services, you will be one step closer to shaping a better future for your business.

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