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High Volume Merchants Processor

Getting a higher processing limit than the normal merchant account typically requires time and a good history of business practices that lead to low chargeback percentage, zero fraudulent activity and careful attention to the details. The longer you process, the higher the chances of raising your processing volume limit.

To start off, your merchant account provider will cap your account with a maximum processing limit. This limit is designed to protect the provider and the underwriting banks involved from an increase in the number of chargebacks. We Handle All types of Business Models Including:

  • Smoke Shop Supplies/Glass Sellers
  • Herbal and Botanicals, Weight Loss, Garcinia
  • Travel Agency, Tours, Airline Companies
  • Timeshare Advertising, Rentals, Deed Transfers
  • Credit Repair and Counseling, Restoration
  • Debt Recovery, Collection Agencies
  • Guns, Firearms, Ammo Dealers
  • Student Loan Doc Prep/Loan Modification
  • Telemarketing, Call Centers, Inbound/Outbound
  • Domestic USA and Offshore Solutions
  • Adult XXX Classifieds, Gentleman Clubs, Porn
  • CBD Oil/Hemp/MMJ Related Retailers
  • Tech Support Telemarketing Company
  • Web Design,SEO, Internet Marketing Business
  • Continuity and Straight Sale
  • Higher then Normal Chargeback Ratios


Those who acquire merchant accounts to scam people and conduct fraudulent activities run stolen credit or debit card sales and skip town as soon as the customers issue chargebacks after discovering discovered the fraud.

This is the number one reason why it is hard for new merchants to get accounts with a high processing volume from the very start. Securing a high volume merchant account requires mutual trust between the merchant and the processing service provider, a solid history, and an assessment of the risk involved. To increase your processing volume, all you have to do is treat each and every transaction and customer as if your life depends on it.

Denied by Other Credit Card Processors?

You will face rejection from credit card processors if you apply for high volume accounts, but that should not stop you from asking for it. The chances are high that you will get rejected, but that is not the worst thing that could happen. Once the processor rejects you, you should ask why. The processor will probably give you a list of reasons as to why it can't give you a high volume merchant account.

Afterward, you can ask what you need to do in order to increase your account's processing limit and simply carry out all the tasks it asks of you. Don't worry as these will be simple tasks and in most of the cases, simple tasks can make a big impact.

The first and foremost thing that credit card processors will want you to do is to build some history and minimize chargeback. Once they see you processing orders, shipping your products to customers, and minimizing chargeback, they'll be compelled to increase the processing volume on your account.

Increasing your account's processing volume will not hurt the interest of merchant account service providers. On the contrary, they will be making more money as you process more sales, so your credit card processor has a vested interest in increasing your processing volume. However, you will still have to do as they say in order to decrease their liability from chargeback and frauds.

You should consider taking these steps to secure a high volume merchant account for your business. Start by minimizing chargebacks and fulfilling orders yourself by carrying an inventory of your own. In order to prevent fraudulent orders, you can use fraud detection tools. Focus on improving your personal credit and decrease the time it takes before the customer receives the order placed.

Let your merchant account provider hold a small percentage of your sales in order to cover chargebacks. Make sure you have a good relationship with your merchant account representative.

Online Merchants

Most high volume merchants are working online nowadays, even though there are several onsite businesses that have to deal with high processing volume. Online merchants have become fairly common as almost anything can be sold over the internet, and that doesn't apply to just products but services as well.

Conducting online trade is easy and convenient for the merchant as well as the customers. You can run an online business from the comfort of your home, and you don't even have to own a shop or inventory to conduct an online business.

Risk Analysis of High Volume Merchants

However, there is risk involved with high volume online merchants as there is always going to be a certain amount of lack of trust. Fraud is common in online trading, so sellers have to earn their reputation and good name before the customers start to trust their products, services, and quality.

Having an online business with high volume trade is not as simple as it sounds because if you end up selling low-quality products, you will face a large number of chargebacks and that's not going to be appreciated by your merchant account provider.

The main reason why high volume merchants are considered high risk and often face rejection is due to the number of chargebacks and fraudulent activities.

Domestic and Offshore Options

Another choice that high volume merchants have to face is whether they will get a domestic account or an offshore account. Since the underwriting guidelines are different in different parts of the world, getting an offshore merchant account can sometimes be the better option for your business, even though that's not always the case.

However, most high volume merchants prefer the domestic option. A domestic merchant account for your high volume business is much more secure than an offshore one. Domestic accounts also offer better rates and more security. However, offshore could very well suit your business model more, so it's all about picking what's best for you and your business.

No Setup or Upfront Fees

High volume merchants are often led to believe that they have to pay more and settle for less if they are to get continued merchant account and credit card processing services. The options for high volume merchants are limited, but that doesn't mean there aren't some decent services available for them. This is one such service which offers market-competitive rates and puts the needs of its clients above everything else.

To ensure that your high volume business prospers, you'll need to work with a service that has experience in dealing with high volume merchants and understands the subtleties and complexities of this industry.

You’ll find that this merchant account service arms you with all the tools that are required to take care of your credit card processing needs and subsequently the needs of your clients.

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