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Best Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts

Are you in the market for a nutraceutical merchant account? Do you sell herbal products like weight loss, fat busters, sexual and male enhancement herbal stimulation products? As you probably know by now, this can be a frustrating task finding banks willing to underwrite your business. This is because ecommerce websites that sell herbal supplements and vitamins are generally considered high-risk and are refused merchant accounts unless they agree to pay exorbitant fees. We can help with this, but first we're going to go over some crucial information you need to know. When you're selling supplements online, you want to have normal billing as well as recurring billing also known as continuity. By giving consumers a discount on purchasing multiple months or signing up for an automatic renewal every month also known as continuity, ecommerce stores are able to increase the amount of products they sell whether it's a product to lose weight or increase libido. When running an ecommerce website, you need to make sure you're able to securely and easily take online payments.

Merchant Accounts for Supplement Websites

If you are selling weight loss or male enhancement supplements, you're going to be considered high risk by most companies that offer merchant accounts. The reason for this is because you are selling online (without the consumer being present in person). Additionally, the fact that you're taking money before you send out the products also places you in the high risk category. Because of these two reasons, a lot of underwriters will not approve you for a merchant account. Fortunately, we can help.

Best Herbal Supplements Ecommerce Gateway

Here is a quick look at some of the major things you want to look for in a merchant account if you are selling supplements online.

  • Multiple Underwriting Banks - If one bank decides to stop underwriting you and refuses to accept transactions, you want to have others that can take over without interrupting your ability to take payments online. Startup businesses and established companies welcome!
  • No Setup or Application Fees - As you know, running an online business costs quite a bit of money. If you can save yourself from having to pay setup and/or application fees, this is a good thing.
  • Friendly Customer Service - Another important thing to look for when you're getting a merchant account is the customer service. You want to make sure you're able to contact support to get help whenever you need it.
  • Low Fees / Reasonable Rates - Speaking of money, you also want to make sure you get low fees and reasonable rates on your transactions. Even if you're considered high risk, you shouldn't have to pay too much.
  • Easy Application Process - You also don't want to spend too much time when you're applying, especially if there's a high chance you're just going to be denied.
  • Virtual Terminal - Since you're likely running an ecommerce site online, you're going to want to be able to take payments securely with a virtual gateway and an ecommerce gateway that easily integrates into your shopping cart checkout page.


We have a friendly team of professionals to help start-ups and online ecommerce businesses who have been around a while. We've been around over ten years and have helped thousands of merchants during that time and know the pitfalls and issues that come up being in the nutraceuticals industry.. Why pay high fees or spend a ton of time filling out applications only to be denied. If you sell health supplements online, get your merchant account from us and let us provide free gateway setup and much more.



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