• Ecommerce E-cigarette and Vape Supplies OK
  • Wholesalers and Retailers OK
  • Retail Establishments & Smoke Shops
  • Tobacco Business Merchant Account
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E-Cigarette Merchant Account Services

Many banks will not process this type of industry even though it is an established legal product that is growing in popularity. They simply do not want to be associated with tobacco or tobacco-related products even though their customers are legally buying their products. We can help you get set up to take Visa and MasterCard or AMEX from your clients. If you are an Internet retailer and have an e-commerce shopping cart set up you will need a payment gateway provider to process these transactions. This is where advantage processors comes in. We have solutions for your type of business even if it's newly established or an existing business we will help you get set up to process your credit card payments. If you have a retail establishment where you swipe your credits cards then ecigarette processing is even easier to get set up with. Even though most banks labeled these as high risk we are a tobacco friendly ecig merchant account processor.

Billing Payment Provider Solutions We Have for:

  • E-Commerce Shopping Carts and Retail Establishments
  • New or Established Businesses
  • Vaporizers OK
  • Bad Credit OK
  • 24-48 hour approvals
  • Domestic and International Solutions
  • Drug Paraphernalia OK
  • Legal Water Pipes Bongs and Hookahs
  • Tobacco Friendly Merchant Banking Provider
  • High Risk and High Volume Accounts OK
  • Shutoff or Closed by Paypal, Stripe, Square, OK
  • Age and Legal Restrictive Products


Your credit card processing rates are typically determined on first of all is your business online or off-line are you any, shopping site or a retail establishment. Rates for retail establishments will typically be lower because your customer is in person, swiping a card through a terminal and typically has low chargeback rates. Internet shopping carts however for e-cigarette websites, these rates are going to be higher they typically fall in the 2-3% range but maybe higher if an international overseas solution is necessary. If you have an established business already you can provide us with your credit card processing statements and we can compare the rates you currently have with what we can provide for you and your company. You are also going to need a gateway payment provider that ties into your Internet merchant account. We will also help you get set up to process these payments through a tobacco friendly gateway company. To get the process started on accepting Visa and MasterCard from your customers you can call us to speak with one of our customer service representatives or you can fill out this form and an agent will follow up a few by phone and email to gather your documentation to complete the process

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