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    Credit Card Processing Information

    Our Tutorial and Information Guide on Merchant Account Services
    How the credit card processing industry works. Learn the differences between low risk and high risk companies. Find out how rates are determined, fees are set and Howto take credit cards from your customers.

  • Magazine Subscriptions Telemarketing Sales
    High Risk Processor for Magazine Sales, Subscriptions Call Centers. Inbound and Outbound telemarketing visa mastercard discover mastercard high risk merchant account.

  • Web Marketing & Advertising Agency
    Visa, Mastercard Discover Amex merchant processing for SEO Business, Internet Marketing Company Firm, Interactive Services, Advertising Agency Business and Services. High Ticket, high risk merchant account for online marketing business.

  • High Volume Credit Card Processing
    Get setup with a high volume payment processor. We work with multiple banks and can handle any type of high risk business model including timeshares, Travel Agency, Herbal/Nutra, weight loss, Hemp, Collection Agencies, Credit Repair, Adult/Strip Clubs,Call Centers, Tech Support, Continuity, Smoke Shop Supplies. High Risk Business Credit Card.

  • Call Center/Telemarketing Company
    Get a high risk friendly call center merchant account for your inbound or outbound business. We can support all types of industries including herbal supplements/weight loss, credit repair, collection agencies, IT Tech Support

  • CBD Oils
    Merchant Account for Cannabidiol related business. Retail and Online/Ecommerce Merchants. Ofshore and DOMESTIC Merchant Bank Solutions. High Risk Credit Card processing for CBD Oil Company. Startups or established business OK. Legal Hemp Oil Payment Processors

  • Process Credit Cards for Student Loans
    Credit card processing for student loan companies. startups with no history OK. visa mastercard discover amex merchant account processing services for loan mod companies.

  • Herbals and Vitamins Merchant Services
    Credit Card Processing for Nutraceuticals and Herbal Companies. Friendly with all ecommerce checkout pages and shopping carts. Domestic and offshore solutions available. Process Visa, mastercard, amex, discover.

  • Process Client Payments for Bankruptcy Attorney
    We off multiple options for bankruptcy and tax attorneys. If your law firm has difficulty finding banks willing to do business with you, we can help you get setup for credit card processing services such as visa, mastercard, discover, amex.

  • Debt Restoration Company Accept Credit Cards
    High Risk Merchant Services for Credit repair companies. Payment Gateway Virtual Terminal Process visa, mastercard, amex, discover for your debt restoration services. ecommerce and in person swipe ok. Mobile payment processing. ACH processing and check drafting services.

  • Shut Off by Credit Card Processor
    Merchant Account recently been put on hold or closed by your merchant bank? We can help you get a new credit card processing account set up the accepts type of business or industry. Alternatives and solutions for your high risk business.

  • Declined by Merchant Bank Help
    Problems getting visa and MasterCard credit card processing set up? We can help you if you're been declined or rejected by your bank and need to take credit cards at your business or e-commerce website. Help find a processor that will take your business and industry.

  • Travel Agencies Credit Card Accepting
    Process visa & mastercard for your travel business. Find the best rates for your agency. Many banks are reluctant to take transactions for travel related industries as they are labeled high risk.

  • Firearms Merchant Service Solutions
    Accepting visa and MasterCard from your customers ffls. Payment provider billing solution for companies that Is friendly towards sell ffls firearms, guns, ammo, hunting and fishing supplies rifles. Merchant account processing both online and retail establishments.

  • Ecigarette Merchant Account Provider
    Get a merchant account processing provider and take credit cards for your e-cigarette business. High risk domestic and offshore payment solutions are available to help you with your e-commerce for retail establishment business. Accepting Visa/MasterCard from a tobacco ecig Drug Paraphernalia friendly provider.

  • Tobacco Industry Merchant Services
    Take credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard for your online or off-line business that sells products such as smoking accessories, kratom, drug paraphernalia, glass water pipes, online cigars, cigarettes, and legal herbal incense products. Merchant account for head shops. Payment processing provider that is friendly towards your industry.

  • Best Merchant Services Collection Agencies
    Accepting Visa and MasterCard from your clients and customers collection agency friendly merchant account. Banks that process that consolidation, collections, debt repair, payment processing companies. We can assist and offer the best rates for high risk debt collection and repayment services. Medical collection, payday loan collection, personal and commercial collection agencies welcome.

  • Escort Agencies Credit Card Processing
    Process visa and MasterCard dating companies, escort friendly service providers, adult entertainment industry services. Merchant processor adult friendly banks help you get set up to processing client credit cards. Erotic entertainment merchant account provider.

  • Merchant Accounts for Poor Credit History
    Advantage processors specializes in getting high risk merchant service accounts approve. We can help businesses and people who have poor credit scores, excessive charge-backs or other negative merchant history, or high risk services and/or products get approved tod

  • Basic Howto Guide For Credit Cards
    An in depth How-To article about processing a credit card from start to finish. Walks you through steps to obtaining a Merchant Service account, talking to a Merchant Service Agent, providing documents, inquiring about rates and fees, purchasing a credit

  • Restaurant Payment Solutions Provider
    Help getting started taking credit cards from your customers. It important for Restaurants and Food services to be able to process Visa and Mastercard. We can get your newly established business payment processing setup. Strip Clubs, Adult Nudity Clubs, Gentlemans Club OK

  • Reducing Your Fees and Rates
    Learn the steps to applying for one of our low priced credit card processing visa and mastercard accounts. How to save money on fees and get the best rates.

  • Adult Entertainment Payment Provider
    Learn about processing credit cards for your adult entertainment or internet dating web site, sextoy, xxx adult book and video store accepting visa and mastercard. Retail establishments and online ecommerce website solutions. Adult Friendly merchant services.

  • Time Share Industry Solutions
    Explaining the high risk nature of the travel industry for chargebacks and high credit card processing fees, as well as ways timeshare companies can save money on their merchant accounts. Lodging and car rental agency card processor.

  • Offshore Merchant Solutions
    Setup a merchant account for businesses considering international offshore credit card processing. How to setup a merchant account overseas. Visa & Mastercard Provider for higher chargebacks ratios and high risk merchants.

  • Howto for Small Business
    Read about one woman's experience using merchant services and learn what to look for in a credit card processing company. Howto get started taking visa & mastercard at your retail store or internet ecommerce website.

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