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Most businesses that process credit card transactions in person, using a card swipe machine, are considered low-risk by merchant service providers.  These businesses are able to keep a printed receipt signed by the customer for each credit card purchase, and so they are less likely to face charge-backs and other transaction disputes.  "Low risk" merchants typically include grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, and many small and home-based businesses that require signatures.  As a low-risk merchant, your corporation benefits from the lowest merchant account rates in the industry!

Read on to discover how AdvantageProcessors.com can help your business to achieve financial success by accepting payments by credit card!

Small Businesses, Home-Based Business Merchant Accounts

Home-based entrepreneurs that need card processing like consultants, handymen, home-based, and others need to be able to process credit cards for their customers.  Many people prefer to pay for these services using credit cards instead of cash or checks, and so you would be at risk of losing a good client if you had to turn away their credit card payment.  Fortunately, because you accept payments in person and can obtain the card-holder's signature at the time of payment, your business will generally be considered low risk when you sign up for your merchant account.  This means that you'll have all the benefits of a merchant account -- the ability to process credit cards and receive payment in short order -- without agonizing over high rates.

Merchant Accounts for Grocery Stores

Grocery stores merchants are often very selective about accepting payments made by check, and dealing with large amounts of cash can be risky.  That's why it is so important for grocery shops to accept payments by credit card.  Not only will you be providing your customers with convenient service and payment methods, but you will also be securing yourself the best rate possible for merchant services.  Contact Advantage Processors today to learn how to save money on your credit card transactions.

Restaurants and Credit Card Processing

More and more, customers are choosing to pay for their food and drinks with credit cards.  Many use their cards' reward systems and bonuses and many others find it a hassle to carry cash.  That's why it's imperative for restaurants, diners, bars, and other food dining establishments to accept payment by credit card.  As luck would have it, because these businesses are able to swipe their customer's cards and get them to sign a receipt authorizing their charges, restaurants and bars are eligible for a low rate when signing up and applying for a merchant account.  AdvantageProcessors is pleased to work with a variety of food-oriented companies to offer excellent rates and competitive service.  

Card Swipes for Retail Businesses

Your customers are impulse shoppers who may or may not have the cash on hand to finance their purchases.  Rather than losing potential customers, your business can and should accept credit card payments now by credit card.  The ability to process credit card is convenient for your customers, and beneficial for your bottom line.  Retail stores like tobacco shops, gift shops, clothing stores, video and music stores, jewelry shops, and other related businesses can usually receive a low transaction rate when they sign up for a merchant account because their transactions take place in person, using a present credit card.

Merchant Accounts for Service Providers

Tanning salons, doctor's offices, barber shops, and other service-related businesses benefit greatly when they are able to process credit cards for their customers.  Because they are able to take credit cards in person and swipe them through a card-reading machine, these businesses are able to benefit from the low processing rates offered to best-risk merchants.  Increasing customer satisfaction without sacrificing financially is the best possible option for these small and medium sized businesses.

Processing for Gas Stations

Gas stations and their associated convenience stores would not be very convenient if they were unable to accept credit card payments.  With the rising price of gas and the decreasing number of people who bother to carry cash with them at all times, it is imperative for a gas station and convenience store to now accept credit cards.  Best of all, AdvantageProcessors.com is pleased to offer these merchants a best rate for card processing services.  

Credit Card Processing and Your Fees

Even though all merchant accounts require you to give up a small percentage of each sale to pay for credit card processing, the benefits far outweigh this small sacrifice.  In order to stay competitive in today's cash-less climate, all business owners must accept the need for a merchant account.  As a lower risk merchant, you are able to receive a better rate and therefore offer your clients convenience and service without hurting your own bottom line.  Get started today by contacting an AdvantageProcessors.com representative.           


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